We do insurance differently.  

Business owners have been taken for granted by insurance agents for far too long.  Insurance programs have been presented as a commodity to businesses -- and businesses have been presented to insurance carriers as commodities.  An impersonal, indifferent, and indistinguishable approach has driven these transactional relationships for too long, and businesses have been duped into believing there is nothing they can do about it -- their experience validates this belief.  


But we do insurance differently.


Based on a unique knowledge of how insurance policies are written and the methodology employed to price insurance programs, we have developed a proprietary approach to building risk management programs that benefits you first.



"Our clients build the infrastructure, run the factories, grow the food, transport the goods, and operate the gears of our nation every day."


Property, General Liability, Work Comp, Auto, Umbrella, Errors & Omissions, Professional Liability, Cyber Insurance, Bonding



You may already have an insurance agent you are happy with.  Add us to your team for an additional resource to enhance that relationship to form a dynamic team for your business.  


Policy reviews, insurance audit expertise, claims reviews and loss trend analysis, and risk profile development are services we can provide to enhance your risk management programs.

Company policy development, safety programs, loss control, and best practices.


Business continuation planning, buy/sell agreements, and estate planning.

Key employee, private bonus, company life insurance,

group life insurance.


Group health insurance and dental plans, short term disability,

life, accident, and more.





We know the team that serves you

can make a world of difference​.

"Our promise is to fight for our clients above profits, commissions, and incentives.” 

We believe if you serve the client, everything else will take care of itself. 

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Quinten Lovejoy



Janice keeven

Broker Services Unit

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Don Hennen

Director of Risk Management & Claims

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Tom Bormann

Quality Control

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Greg Stanley

Vice President - Surety & Fidelity

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Kevin Hoffman

Risk Management Consultant

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Brandon Putz

Risk Management Consultant

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Timothy J. Wells

Director of Benefits

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Brian Duggan

Vice President Quality Control

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Mitch Smith, CIC

Quality Control



Our business is built on core values that we not only work by -- but that we live on a daily basis.

1.  Serve Clients as Their Advocate

Even if you never become a client, we are here to provide value.  We aim to help you repurpose your insurance investment dollars in ways that will enable your company to attract and retain talent.  As a decision-maker in your company, you will notice we serve as an advocate for you first.

2.  execute with Integrity

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do.  The businesses we work with understand that we will not cut corners or water down coverage to buy business.  Our mission is always to do the right thing and protect the interests of our clients. 

3.  Change the Experience

We strive to create a new experience for our clients.  Existing industry practices present you as a commodity to the insurance company and presents the insurance company as a commodity to you.  Our proprietary process disrupts this pattern.  We are not just a one-year service – we are a long-term partnership. We aim to protect the businesses we insure by minimizing exposures and maintaining an appropriate balance of risk and cost so that you can focus on what you do best.

4.  Educate the Relationship

You have much to share about your industry – we have much to share about ours.  This mutual exchange of ideas transforms your risk management program from an obligatory expense into an asset that can improve your workplace and enhance the lives of your employees.  In this, our clients become sophisticated buyers of insurance and risk management programs – and we become trusted advisors in whom our clients can place their confidence.

5.  Build Dynamic Partnerships

Your company succeeds because you are built to do what you know how to do – our company succeeds because we are built to do what we know how to do.  When these factors properly engage, a dynamic partnership is born. Our mission is to deliver value to this partnership beyond providing just an insurance policy. Your current insurance agent and your current insurance program – if we can help improve that existing relationship, we deliver value.

Now that you know more about us, we would love to know how we can serve you.